Dmitry Mokhov — MD, DO, PhD, St. Petersburg, Russia
Detailed information about the editor in chief
Personal website: http://www.dmitry-mokhov.ru

Deputy Chief Editors:
Helena Tregubova — MD, PhD, St. Petersburg, Russia 
Scientific Editor:
Olga Yanushanets — MD, PhD, prof., St.Petersburg, Russia


Igor Aptekar, DO, PhD, Tyumen, Russia
Anatoly Vyaltsev, DO, Тolyatti, Russia
Alfred Gaynutdinov — MD, PhD, DO, prof., Kazan’, Russia
Irina Yegorova, MD, Phd, DO, prof., Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Yuliya Kuzmina, MD, DO, PhD, St. Petersburg, Russia
Kirill Mazalsky, DO, St. Petersburg, Russia
Helena Tregubova, MD, PhD, St. Petersburg, Russia
Andrey Chervotok, MD, DO, PhD, St. Petersburg, Russia


Chief of Editorial Advisory Board:
Anatoly Belyaev — MD, PhD, prof., Vladivostok, Russia
Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, Grenoble, France
Tatyana Batysheva, MD, PhD, Moscow, Russia
Lyudmila Vasilieva, MD, PhD, prof., Moscow, Russia
Jean-Pierre Guiliani, DO, La Tour-d'Aigues, France
Jean-Jacques Debroux, DO, Brussels, Belgium
Michel Dobensky, DO, Jerusalem, Israel
Serge Zilbermann, DO, Aix-en-Provence, France
Galina Ivanova, MD, DO, prof., Moscow, Russia
Michel Coquillat, DO, Marseille, France
Thierry Leboursier, DO (Paris, France)
Igor Litvinov, DO, Moscow, Russia
Stephane Niel, DO, Nantes, France
Alexander Oryol, MD, PhD, prof., Moscow, Russia
Serge Paoletti, DO, Chambery, France
Alexader Petrischev, MD, DO, PhD, Perm, Russia
Clive Standen, DO, Auckland, New Zealand
Andrey Chechenin, MD, PhD, prof., Novokuznetsk, Russia
Anthony Chila, DO, Ohio, USA