Articles submission

Guidelines to contributors and requirements for articles submitted to the Journal

Publication of submitted articles is on a free-of-charge basis, provided that the material is in compliance with the journal specificity and publication requirements.


I. Article Components

  1. Title.
  2. Full name of the author(s), name of institution from which the work initiated.
  3. Abstract in Russian (if possible, in English as well).
  4. Main text.
  5. References.
  6. E-mail address of one of the authors (published at the end of the article).
  7. Phone number of corresponding author, ready to respond to editor queries (not published).

Articles are accepted in Microsoft Word format: (.doc) and (.docx).

II. References

А. List of references is to be made in alphabetical order according to the National State Standard (GOST) 7.0.5-2008 (ROJ uses endnotes reference design that is regulated by p. 7. of the current Standard).

В. References structure

  1. Full names of authors; if the article referencing a source created by 1, 2 or 3 authors, the list shall contain the names of all authors; if there are 4 authors, the title of source is on the first place, then, after a slash (/), full names of all 4 authors; if the source has more than 4 authors, the title is on the first place, then, after a slash (/), first 3 authors are listed followed by [et al].
  2. Source title without quotes, followed by dot and dash (.-).
  3. Place of publication followed by a colon (:)
  4. Name of the publisher (if any); in case of several publishers, their names are separated by a semicolon (;).
  5. Next - after a comma - the year of publication followed by dot and dash (.-).
  6. Total number of pages in the document.

1. One, two or three authors
Full name of the author(s). Source Title. - Place of publication: Publisher; other publishers (if any), year of publication. – xxx p.
2. Four authors
Source title/ author 1 (full name), author 2, author 3, author 4. – Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication. – xxx p.
3. More than four authors
Source title/ author 1, author 2, author 3 [et al].– Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication. – xxx p.

When referencing an article

Full name of the author(s). Title of the article // Name of the periodical. - Year. – Volume number (if any), issue number. – P. xxx-xxx (pages).

If there are 4 authors or more, title of the article is on the first place followed by a slash (/), then full names of authors (see above).

NB! Dear students of the Institute of Osteopathy, please, note that the list of references in the thesis work is to be made under the current GOST 7.1-2003.

С. List of references in the first place contains publications in Russian, in alphabetical order, then publications in foreign languages, in alphabetical order as well.

All references appearing in the references list are to be numbered sequentially. Unpublished works should not be referred to in the article or in the list of references.
All bibliographical information must be carefully checked.



If there is direct or indirect citation in the text it is necessary to referencing a source from which a fragment is quoted. When citing, the referencing is required. ROJ uses endnotes with the system of references in the text (bracketed Arabic numbers) as follows: bracketed number of source according to the endnote list of references; if the author refers not to the source in the whole, but to a particular piece of text, then after the serial number followed by a comma he indicates page number where citation is placed in the source: [3, p. xxx]. If citation is direct, it is quoted.

Scientists names (Russian and foreign) are given in full in the text.


All images in the text should be referenced. Figure captions of all images in the article to be numbered sequentially.  Portraits are not considered as drawings and are not numbered. Figure legend (captions) should be explained. Figure caption is as follows:

Fig. 1. caption (title).

Figures to be provided in separate files if possible. Resolution of bitmap graphics is at least of 300 dpi. Vector graphics (.cdr, .ai, etc.), as well as charts and diagrams in Excel, are accepted also. Images made in Word files are not desirable. File name should contain the running number of the figure. Excel files with charts and diagrams should contain pages with original data for the case of editing necessity. Please, note that the publication is black-and –white, so fill shades may be mixed up after printing. Background for charts and diagrams is to be white.

Charts and diagrams are included in sequentially numbered figures.

Colored figures, if necessary, can be put on plating, but this should be agreed with the editor while article submitting.


All the tables in the text should be referenced. All tables should be numbered sequentially and titled. The tables are numbered separately from figures (have their own numbering).


bbreviation of words and terms (besides common physical, chemical and mathematical values) is not allowed. No abbreviations in article title. All abbreviations in the text must be disclosed at first occurrence: abbreviated collocation is written in full followed by abbreviation in parentheses, for example: sphenobasilar synchondrosis (SBS). Hereinafter the abbreviated collocation is not written in full.
Terms used in the article must conform to the international nomenclatures (anatomical terms – to Nomina Anatomica, histological terms – to Nomina Histologica, etc.).
Physical units must conform to SI system  (GOST 8.417-2002).